Although she was born at Odessa Regional Medical Center,

Kimberly has lived in Midland for thirty-one out of the thirty-two years she has been alive. She attended MISD schools until her junior year at Lee when she left high school, got a GED, and enrolled in courses at Midland College.

"Kimberly has lived in Midland for thirty-one out of the thirty-two years she has been alive. She attended MISD schools..."

Kimberly wrote for the El Paisano Student Newspaper and received an Associates Degree in English. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Family Studies and a Master of Arts Degree in Clinical Psychology, both from The University of Texas of the Permian Basin, Summa Cum Laude.


After taking an Intro to Psychology course at Midland College, Kimberly pursued a career in counseling and is a state licensed mental health care professional. Following her internship, she has worked as a sole proprietor at Healing Through Hope since 2013. Kimberly has an intense passion for helping others and is respected by her colleagues and clients.



 After becoming a parent, Kimberly found herself becoming more aware of the impact that current political decisions will have on the future of her children. She has been actively watching local politics and feeling increasingly frustrated over the years. Her decision to run for city council was born from her belief that sitting back and doing nothing while watching someone else do wrong makes you just as guilty. The more Kimberly has learned about the inner workings of our local government, the stronger her desire to get involved has become.


I have been told that my rhetoric is inflammatory. I see it as impassioned. I believe that you can respectfully disagree with people based on honest opinions and evaluations of fact. At the same time, I am not running for city council to make friends or political allies and connections. I am running to be a voice for my constituents. My only loyalty will be to my neighbors in District Four.


Kimberly married her husband on Saint Patrick’s Day on a beach in Maui in 2010. They purchased their first home together in Midland and have decided to raise their two children in the same town they grew up in.