Other Taxing Entities

While the city council and the MISD School Board are separate entities,

It does not mean that I care less about what the school board is doing because I’m running for city council instead. I also care what is happening at the county commissioner’s office, on the hospital board, at the sheriff’s station, and in every other elected position throughout our city, state, and nation. I believe there is a common thread amongst all government entities, a larger concern with being elected and staying in power than doing what is right. “Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” (Lord Acton)

"I believe there is a common thread amongst all government entities, a larger concern with being elected and staying in power than doing what is right."
"Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely. -Lord Acton"

As a resident of this community and a mother, I can already impact the school board, by showing up and speaking, as I did at the MISD Board meeting on June 24, 2019. Since then, I’ve sent multiple emails to members of MISD and the MISD School Board. I spent two hours in a meeting with one of the high-ranking members of MISD to try to educate myself.

I’ve put in numerous records requests, set foot in almost every department in city hall, and gone over the budget until it gets blurry. I’ve had conversations, meetings, and email interactions to try to learn and grow as much as possible. I have attended every city council meeting since June 11th. I sat in on a Priority Midland infrastructure working committee group meeting. My “team” is mostly comprised of my husband, brother, and myself. If you get a response from me on social media, it came directly from me. I’ve delivered most of my yard signs myself and put them into the ground with my own two hands after talking to voters about my plans for the city and my vision for moving forward. I’ve been putting in the time and doing the work. I’ll remain dedicated and maintain my work ethic if I’m elected.

My Involvement

The week I announced my campaign, I held a Townhall Meeting to meet with Midland residents about their concerns for the city. One of the people in attendance was Dustin Johnson, head of the Midland Skatepark Association. Mr. Johnson educated me on the William and Sam Memorial Skatepark, located in Beal Park at the southern edge of District Four. Mr. Johnson explained the state of disrepair and the issues the park has been facing for years. The park was originally built in 2003. At that time, the city reduced the original size of the park because they said they simply couldn’t afford it. The park was intended to honor William Wooten and Sam Greer, two young boys who were killed while rollerblading, but visitors would never know that because there has never been any sign or plaque of acknowledgement. This park was meant to be a haven for those in the action sports community. In spite of the design, construction, and maintenance flaws, the skatepark is still one of the most popular parks in Midland.

Mr. Johnson has been fighting for this park for years. Once he brought these issues to me, we began to work together to come up with a solution. I spoke to Dustin the first time on July 13th at that Townhall Meeting. On July 19th, I was at the skatepark, meeting people and assessing the damage. By the city council meeting on July 23rd, we had prepared packets of information, including photos, for each council member. Mr. Johnson, Gage Taylor, and I all spoke in front of the council. We mentioned the unlevel drains and three burnt out light bulbs. Mr. Johnson had been working for more than a year to get the drains fixed (See Article Below). He had been working for months to get the lights replaced. Within an hour of the council meeting, a crew was being sent out the park. Since then, I have helped host a voter registration event and fundraiser for the park. I have continued to advocate for the park at council meetings and raise awareness. This is the kind of problem solving and taxpayer advocacy I plan to take to the City Council.